About Clinics in Schools


Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  If they get sick, their grades can suffer, they can be forced to drop out of school, and their entire future can be put in jeopardy.  That’s why we founded The Children’s Free Clinic of Southern Nevada, the first completely free clinic for children in the entire state.  Since September 2010, we have provided primary care to thousands of children so that they can grow, learn and have a better chance at a healthy, productive life.

* Nevada KIDS COUNT Data Book 2011, Center for Business and Economic Research, UNLV.



At The Children’s Free Clinic of Southern Nevada, we proudly live up to our name by offering completely free health care to children in need.  No child will ever be turned away because of an inability to pay.  And that’s a pinky promise.  Without us, most of the families we help would have to choose between health care for their children, putting food on the table and making rent for the month.  That’s not a choice any parent should have to make, and that’s why we’re here.

We opened in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit under the name Clinics in Schools.  Today, we’re making huge strides in delivering health care to the underprivileged, including a new partnership with First Person Care Clinic. This dream team of doctors means we’ll be able to reach more children, offer a broader variety of services, and even care for adult family members.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. We also serve as a training location for student health professionals from a variety of Nevada institutions, so they can learn in a real-world setting. All in all, when you donate to our cause, YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT YOU’RE HELPING TO MAKE OUR ENTIRE STATE A HEALTHIER PLACE TO LIVE.



The National Assembly of School-based Health Care has estimated that Nevada would need at least 57 pediatric clinics to be on par with the national average.  We currently have four.

Obviously, we have a challenge ahead of us, but we’re more than ready to tackle it.  The good news?  Every single new clinic means more and more kids are being seen and helped.  And because of our partnership with First Person Care Clinic, we are now able to offer laboratory services, case management and transportation.  Soon we will be able to offer mental care, dental, x-rays, and fitness and wellness programs.  We’re in the perfect position to make a huge impact on our state, and you can help make it all possible.

You can be the reason a child grows up strong and healthy.  You can be the reason an entire family finally has hope.  You can be the reason our entire community has a brighter, healthier future.



We are currently looking for sponsors and supporters.  We are doing amazing work right now, but with your help, we can expand our operation, we can help more and more kids, and we can change thousands of lives right here in our community.  In our humble opinion, that’s as good as good causes get.

Whenever you donate, whether it’s to a huge charity or just a few coins in the penny jar, you never quite know where your money is going.  Is it reaching the right people?  Is it having an effect?  With The Children’s Free Clinic of Southern Nevada, we put your donation right to work, right here in our community.  We are proud to have earned the trust and support of one of the community’s greatest drivers of collective impact in the areas of health, the United Way of Southern Nevada, which has been a critical partner in the development and funding of the program.  We are humbled to be one of their key healthcare partners and by their continued financial support, ever since our opening.



$25 Complete vaccinations for one child

$40 Acute care for one child

$83 Wellness care for one child

$830 Wellness care for ten children

$5,000 Update Electronic Medical Records system

$10,000 Wellness care for 120 children

$90,000 Full-time provider for a year

$200,000 Fund a new clinic for a year